Your Past Makes You Brilliant At What You Do

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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the BRAVE Zone. You call yourself a title, like graphic designer, executive coach, nutritionist… My question is, you’re the designer that does what? the coach with what unique ability? the nutritionist that understands me how? And that’s going to be the difference a service provider, and an empathic partner who knows what they’re good at, what their mission is, and what type of market would resonate with them. In this video, I will share with you some examples of how your past can help you discover your uniqueness.

I help self employed people connect with their uniqueness by helping them understand how their past makes them brilliant at what they do. I guide them to find their unique style, their genius, and the market that really appreciates those things. If you want to find out more about how you are unique and how to position yourself to the right niche market, book a discovery call.

People come to me because they want to market themselves better. Some of them have been doing well, but over the years, they’ve discovered that they are different and they want to sharpen their marketing message to go to their next level. Whatever the case, what I love helping them do is to find their unique voice. And to do that, we do several things:

Firstly, we find your why using Simon Sinek’s framework. Your Why isn’t some aspirational thing that you wish you had. It’s who you already are. It’s understanding what you stand for all these years. And to do that, we dig into meaningful moments in your life and discover what they meant to you. At the end of it, we find your essence. For example, if you ask me what were the memorable moments in my life, I would say it’s watching my parents help people. It’s also getting involved in community projects myself and doing my part to help people. It’s achieving results in business including overcoming difficult challenges that were too hard for other people. And it’s also expressing myself in music and doing physical activities that challenge my body and mind. If you look at the common themes in my life, it’s all about challenging myself to be the best I can be and helping people. In the process of improving business as well as the personal challenges I had, I also learned to be very good at combining my business and psychology skills to solve problems from multiple angles.

After that, let’s talk about your Ikigai. The crossover between what you love, what the world needs, what they’re willing to pay for, and what you’re good at. And finally, it’s about removing the limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals.

So now let’s connect that with what I’m doing now and what makes me different. Well, I lived with the title of coach for over 12 years, but what kind of a coach am I? There’s a lot of coaches out there. Well, in line with my why, the best work I do is when I help people discover how they can be the best they can be. How they can master their psychology as well as select the most effective business strategy to fit their goals? I do my best work with people who want to find their genius and remove limiting beliefs. So that’s what I do. I don’t call myself just a business coach, but I’m not also just a life coach. I’m both. And people who’ve experienced working with me will tell you that is what makes me unique.

So who are you? You’re the service provider that does what? That resonates with which type of market? I suggest you remove your title for a while and take a look at your why, your Ikigai, and make sure your belief systems support your outcome. If you stil choose to wear your old title, that’s fine. And if you feel like there’s a title or a description that fits you better, then perhaps you can go with that. If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll know that over time you have a certain superpower that you do best in. You have a certain market that you resonate with more than others. So perhaps it’s time for you to redefine your core message and who you are.

If you find this helpful, but you don’t know how to implement this in your business, book a discovery call with me and let’s chat it through.

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