What Is It About You That Makes People Decide NOT To Buy?

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You’re a self employed professional and your digital marketing efforts are getting you leads, but leads don’t get you revenue. Clients do. So let’s talk about your sales process beginning with yourself. What is it about you that makes people say, “Hmm. I need to think about it”… or “Nah, I’ll go find another service provider” or “She seems nice, but I’m just not sure she can help me.”

Now I understand that many people need time to think about their buying decisions, and we don’t want to go down the route of being too salesy, especially if that’s not you. But in this video, I do want to share with you that happy medium of how to be effective in your sales conversations and in particular, being more aware of how you come off to your prospects.

Look out for future videos on other areas of your business and sales process, because Marketing is not just about getting leads. It’s also about converting them into paying clients and delivering the right value for them… and that takes a comprehensive approach including settting up the right mindset, your core message, uniqueness, customer journey, product line, and the actual marketing plan. If you feel that your marketing is not as effective as you’d like, and you’ve had enough of trying to figure it out yourself, book a Discovery call with me.

So what is it about you that makes people delay or cancel their buying decision? Let’s start with these 3 things:

1. Your confidence. This is cliche, but if you don’t believe in yourself, why should other people believe in you? But we all come with imperfections… some of us have had a tough background. When I work with people on their confidence, it’s about embracing your past and understanding how that past has actually made you an absolute genius at what you do now. And if you take the time to do that for yourself, what you’ll gain is not only confidence, but an increased sense of personal purpose. As I always say, “your imperfect life has made you perfect to serve.”

2. You sound desperate. If you’re desperate for clients, then you can come off too salesy even if you didn’t mean to be that way. So when I work with people on their business and mindset, I make sure they have enough on their pipeline to make sure they can be less desperate when they meet prospects. Expecting 3 clients out of a pipeline of 5 prospects is really not realistic especially if you’re just starting out. Leads are important and you need to nurture a good size pool of them to make sure you have enough to work with.

3. Your intention. This one is very important. Perhaps more important than confidence. People are going to look for someone they trust. If your intention is not set to serve others, and to help them get a solution to their issues, then perhaps that’s why they are not attracted to you. I get that you’re doing your business to fulfill your personal dreams, but a big part of that process is to help other people achieve their goals too. A successful business is one that solves a certain problem for the market. If your business is not solving a clear problem or you don’t know how to communicate your intention in your marketing message, then the market may not be convinced that you’re in it to help them.

There are many reasons why people delay a buying decision, but let’s focus on what you can control… let’s make sure it’s not about you. So if you find this helpful and you want an outsider’s perspective on how you come off, then book a discovery call with me and I’d be happy to give you an objective point of view.

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