The Hidden Blessings That Come From Uncertainty

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Hi. I'm Cynthia, founder of the Brave Zone. Where I come from, uncertainty is an every day thing. As I was growing up and leading businesses in Indonesia, I thought that the country did not really have a good system for its citizens. Traffic was chaotic, the social system was chaotic, and whenever disasters happened, we never really had a good way of handling things. Even now with the coronavirus pandemic, I can't say that I feel certain about the safety of my family and friends.

But if you ask me whether or not I would have wanted to live in a more developed country, I would say no. In fact, the blessings that comes from living in uncertainty has prepared me with the skills to create more certainty in my life.

Living through uncertainty comes with hidden blessings. And in this video I'd like to share just three of them. And if you want to talk about how you can empower your team to appreciate and overcome this difficult time, please book a discovery call.

The first is the realisation that you can only focus on what you can control. And that there are actually quite a bit that you can control to help you improve your own situation. But complaining about external things won’t help. In fact, it wastes your time and distracts you from more productive thinking. Let’s say you work away from your family and during this pandemic, you have not been able to see them for months. You can complain endlessly about how ridiculous this is… you can be depressed… or you can realise that this situation is not going away any time soon and start planning a transition where you and your family can be together again even if you have to be quarantined somewhere for 14 days to make that change.

The second is the realisation of what’s really important in life. When things are good, we spend time chasing what we don’t have… our dreams, our ideal income, and our aspirations. But when things get uncertain, at least for a while, we are forced to choose what is important in our lives. Do we really need to have more more more, or is it time to say, “this is enough” and for now, focus on the people we love and the people who need our love. It may be a time for us to choose between things and people…. between serving ourselves and serving others. It’s nice to have an abundant mindset and say that all things are possible and there’s enough for everyone… but in hard times, sometimes being forced to choose can help us reconnect with our values.

And finally, living through uncertainty gives you a more resilient mindset. And this mindset will help you create more certainty in the future, because it will equip you with the way of thinking and the skills to face even bigger challenges.

There are other blessings that come from living through uncertainty, such as creativity, resourcefulness, gratitude, self awareness, and more. But you can only access them if you are willing to open yourself up to think in a different way. If you are set on seeing only the negative, I'm afraid you will never be able to enjoy them in your life.

If you think about it, even before corona virus, uncertainty is every where. In our work, in our lives, in our society… but this pandemic has just made uncertainty bigger, more visible, and it has hit everyone at the same time. In a way, we are lucky, because now we are all in this together and hopefully it has brought us together as a community.

I just want to let you know that I’m thinking about you, and I’m making flexibilities in my own business to do what I can for the people I serve. If you found this helpful and want to discuss more about how to help people overcome their fears of uncertainty and how to remain resilient through this difficult time, book a discovery call with me.

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