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Getting results is not about doing more. Sometimes, it’s about doing less. Hi, I’m Cynthia, founder of the Brave Zone. I used to get so excited about new marketing and product ideas and want to do everything, and the fact that I used to call myself a superwoman didn’t help. My marketing used to be about helping everyone do everything better. I figured, heck, I’m multi-talented. I can offer lots of services. But in the end, I ended up being busy but only getting adhoc results. And my marketing message got more and more vague.

If you’re like me, then I know you’re very passionate about making an impact and serving your market. And that passion makes you super excited doing all sorts of marketing to promote yourself: from social media to content to ads to strategic alliances to networking, etc. And yes, there are lots of services you can probably offer too… they all can make money, they all can serve a certain market. And you hope that focusing on more busy-ness will generate more business. But after a few burn outs and busy weekends, you may start to realise that busy-ness doesn’t always mean business.

Sometimes it’s about being less opportunistic and more strategic. Here are 3 things you really need to consider in order to create a sharper marketing approach.

  • What is a market need that you are really good at fulfilling? There are lots of opportunities, but focusing on what you are really good at will make it easier for you to stand out.
  • Is there a trend at this moment that coincides with your strengths & your services? Sometimes if you’re wondering which service to promote first, the answer could be found by listening to the daily news. Is there a need in the community or policy changes that may help make your services relevant?
  • What kind of market do you absolutely love to serve? Sometimes it’s about focusing on a particular segment that you are passionate about. There are always opportunities, but maybe you want to focus on a certain market because you enjoy working with them. And because you care about them, it may be easier for them to connect with you.

I hope this helps and do contact me if you want to ask questions or discuss your existing situation.

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