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You like learning, but may not have the time to attend in person. Our monthly webinar and The Brave Zone Podcast will help you learn on your own time & get practical strategies you can implement right away. Warning: I don't hold back on content! So get ready to learn lots and get "ahaaa" moments. 

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Be smarter than your problems. These educational courses equip you with the detailed strategies you will need to build a strong financial foundation, select the right marketing strategies that work for you, and eventually duplicate yourself.  Warning: I don't hold back on content! 


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Ready to grow faster? With an experienced eye, I guide professionals just starting out or when you're ready to exit your business.  Sharpen your business model, improve your bio, create better sales processes, or plan an exit strategy.  Short & long-term packages are available. Let's talk. 

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Finding Your Uniqueness and Your Style


In the service industry, you are selling you.  Each of you have different styles of delivery, personalities, and strengths.  Yet in an effort to be successful, you may be tempted to be like someone else.  And in doing so, you lose your best self.  Find out what makes you different and strengthen your marketing message with a clear unique selling point. In this course, I will guide you through a series of questions that helps you find your voice & your niche.

Finding Marketing Strategies that Fit Your Style


Digital marketing is not the only way to grow your business.  If you are your own product, then it's important for you to create a marketing strategy that suits your strengths & your style.  Do not just follow what everyone else is doing.  In this course, we will sharpen your target market and your uniqueness.  You will learn a spectrum of strategies and create a focused marketing plan that gets you noticed & gets you returns. 

Increasing Sales Conversion in the Professional Services Industry


Before you deliver your service, you need to know how to sell.  If you're not comfortable selling, it will be difficult for your business to grow.  But selling doesn't have to be so scary.  It can be made easy, starting with the right sales process that warms up your prospects well.  In this course, you will learn to build a sales process that suits you & learn how conduct your sales meetings to increase your conversion rate.

“The secret of my success is that I make other people money. 

And, never ever, ever, ever be ashamed about trying to earn as much as possible for yourself, 

if the person you’re working with is also making money. That’s life!” 

Simon Cowell

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