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In the service industry, there are common marketing strategies that have been proven to work, but the question is: will they work for you? Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone. This video is for self employed service professionals who want to get better at marketing their services. I will share with you how to put your personality into your marketing strategies to feature yourself at your best.

If you want to discuss your current marketing and how to improve it, just book a Discovery Call with me.

A common mistake people make when marketing their own services is to copy someone who is the opposite of them. For example, my strength is speaking and I’m not afraid to do videos and to speak on stages. People say I’m very engaging and fluent. But that’s me and after I understand more about my strengths and my style, I choose videos and speaking platforms as one of the best ways for me to market myself. Not everyone is built the same way. Some of you will do better if you write articles instead of do videos. Other people will be better with a one-to-one approach rather than speaking in front of a large group.

So when you’re trying to find the best marketing strategy for you, please remember to consider your personality and how to put your best foot forward. And it’s ok to do it your way. In fact, I would rather you do that than copy other people. Copying other people often gets you lost and makes you feel inadequate. And you need confidence in this business.

So get really clear on the strategies that uses your natural strengths. Networking for example, is a strategy. But get more specific about what kind of networking style you do best with. Is it a structured networking with a defined agenda, 60 second speeches, and a structured referral system? Is it a speed networking where you float around the room getting to know as many people as you can? Or is it sitting next to a couple of people at lunch for an hour really getting to know each of them one by one? Which one do you do best in? Which one suits your style?

You want to do strategic alliances? Great. But with whom? Which organisations resonate with your mission, have chemistry with you, and what kind of alliance strategies will feature you at your best.

So you see, the same marketing strategy can be done multiple ways. The important thing is to adapt it to your best way of doing things. And that will help you enjoy the marketing process, get you better results, and keep you consistent in the execution.

If you find this interesting and want to know how to select the right marketing strategies to suit your style and personality, book a call with me. Speak to you soon.

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