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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone. Marketing your services can get confusing for many reasons, and in this video I want to highlight the most common 3 mistakes self employed professionals make in their business. 

Most of you are good at what you do, but marketing yourself can be more difficult than marketing an external product. I know how it feels. I’ve marketed myself and my firm of coaches for the last 12 years and I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved fantastic results together. So if you want a practical point of view from someone who’ve been there and done that, book a discovery call with me. 

One thing that most people get confused on is how to define themselves and what they do. They may be very good at their craft, but they use titles like, Graphic designer, Interpreter, Executive Coach, Lawyer without really understanding how they are different. As a result, they are compared to other providers with similar titles. It’s harder for them to get leads and to maintain premium fees. When you are considering how to define yourself, think about the audience you are speaking to, what their challenges are, and how you solve them in your unique way. That’s why before we think of titles and one-liners, my BRAVE Marketing programme takes you through a deeper understanding of yourself and your target market. Look at homepage for a 5 minute video of the 9-step BRAVE marketing framework. 

Secondly, they get confused because they define their business based on their products and services. Most of you can do more than one thing… can solve more than one problem. So perhaps your business is not defined by what services you provide, but it’s about finding the common thread among all your services and creating that one mission you’re trying to achieve. When I do that with my clients, suddenly the confusion disappears. Why? Because they realise that all their products and services serve to achieve one big mission. And that’s what defines their business. 

And finally, they invest in random marketing strategies without asking the basic questions, and they don’t know why it’s not working. If you talk to friends about your business, most of them will recommend some type of marketing strategy. And you will feel tempted to follow their suggestions. Suddenly you find yourself doing many things, but not getting any results. You’re focusing more on “how” to market instead of “who” you are as a person and “what” you stand for and therefore, “who” you should be marketing to and “why” they should listen to you. You are trying to connect to everyone without selecting the people who would resonate with your story, your mission. That’s why, in my opinion, marketing is not just coming up with fancy slogans and following the latest digital marketing strategies. Marketing is first about clarity. Clarity about yourself, your uniqueness, your message, your niche audience, and your style of communication. Only then are you really ready to select the marketing strategies that fit your needs. 

Marketing is not easy and that’s why I guide people through my BRAVE marketing approach to get the right foundations in place so that you can accelerate your results. Get in touch with me if you want to talk more. 

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