Life Goals Before Business Goals

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Hi, I'm Cynthia founder of The Brave Zone. You know, building a self employed business takes a lot of effort, huge amount of personal discipline, great creativity and strong resilience. And when you don't have a clear purpose or goal, you will find yourself easily demotivated and losing direction.

When self employed professionals come to me for advice on their business, they usually say they need help on their strategies to get better results. But when I asked them, What are you building, very few of them have a very clear answer. And when we dig further, I find many of them already have the right strategies, but they don't do it consistently. Or they don't do it using their best energy. So I wonder, Is it really the strategies that need to be clarified? Or the direction and the drive? How can you determine what to do and how to do things if you don't know where you're going or what you're building? And if you're not clear on your goals and why you want to achieve them, how can you drive yourself to do and execute your strategies consistently. How can you motivate yourself to try again when things get tough.

So, here are three things that make your goal unclear and not motivating.

First, your goals may not be your own. Your goal may be someone else's wishes or demands, it may be a goal you think you should achieve, even though your heart's not actually in it. And thinking about it may be more stressful than exciting for you. So internally, you're resisting them, and you're blocking yourself from doing what you need to do to achieve them.

Second reason, your goal is only a business goal. I've heard people say I want to help people, but they're frustrated that they can't motivate themselves to do what they need to do to help people. That's why when we talk about goals, I don't stop with a clear business goal. I believe life goals come before business schools, and the business is only a vehicle to get you closer to the life of your dreams. So what kind of life are you trying to build? Talking about business all the time does not reveal yourself. Authentic desire, your dreams that will drive you to achieve despite what happens. I was speaking to a business owner who experienced the same frustration. And after 30 minutes, she realised that her real drive to build this business was to be a better mom for her daughter, not only to help people or help her target market.

Now, the third thing that make your goals unclear is your fear. If you want to achieve something great, then your dreams need to be bigger than your fears. So perhaps you've had a failure in the past, or a previous conditioning that built up a lot of self doubt and fear in you. Most people know how that feels. So first thing, you're not alone. But if you keep remembering it and focusing on it, then you're making your fears much bigger and clearer than it needs to be. Soon you'll find it becomes harder and harder to set goals and allow yourself to dream. So let's work on clarifying that dream and making it bigger and more personal to you. And in the end, we hope the excitement you get from thinking about your dreams become far bigger and bolder than all the fears that surround you.

So, do you want to permanently get rid of that feeling of, I know what I need to do, but I don't know why I can't get myself to do it. I'd say get clear on your purpose and your goals, keeping in mind these three lessons and see how your life improves.

Again, if you want to talk more about your current situation and get fresh perspectives, reach out and contact me. I'll be happy to talk things through. Thank you

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