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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone.  Do you want higher conversion rate?  Do you want to increase your credibility as a service professional?  In this video, I want to share with you the power of a Signature Solution and how it helps in your marketing and sales efforts. 

First of all, what is a Signature Solution?

It is your unique way of helping clients solve their challenges. A good signature solution is authentically yours… and it is a clear framework that helps your prospects understand what they’ll be going through when they work with you. 

I have been selling services and products since 1996.  What I notice is that good companies are clear on how they solve a specific problem and clear on the results that they aim to achieve through their solutions.  And, they use a framework, a flow, or a series of steps to help their customers understand how it all works. 

You see, most people are visual, which means they retain information more easily when they see something tangible.  And since we are all selling the intangible in the service business, it’s important for us to create a visual framework to give our prospects something tangible to look at.

I’ve had experience selling with and without a signature solution.  And what I notice is that when I had a framework, prospects nod their heads and say, “Ok, that makes sense” and it becomes easier for them to say yes.  After they engage, I usually ask them what made them say yes. And many of them say it’s because my process was clear and they can imagine themselves going through it.  They can see how it works for them.  Having something visual helps people to make a buying decision.

You’ve all experienced signature solutions before, because many companies use them.  I have a 9-step BRAVE Marketing programme that you see in my website to help service professionals find their essence and attract their ideal clients.  A health coach may have a 12-step approach to help people live a more healthy life.  A business coach may have a 6-step framework to help entrepreneurs build an autopilot business.  Using a framework beats talking on and on trying to explain how it works. 

Again, a signature solution is basically a framework of how you solve a particular problem.  And since every good business solves a problem for its market, a signature solution can be created for any industry.

Who needs this?  Well, if you’re selling a traditional service with an added twist, you might want to re-educate your market on your solution.  You don’t want them to think it’s the same as the traditional way of doing things.  So having your own signature solution will help them see your difference.

If you’re selling a new type of service that perhaps most people have never bought before, you definitely need a signature solution.  Your prospects need to be educated on your process.  They may not want to work with you if they don’t understand what you do and how you help them.  A signature solution in this situation will help them feel  more confident in your  process. 

If you’re selling a highly technical service, it may be overwhelming to explain what you do just with words.  So a visual framework of your process will help your prospects digest the information.

I hope you find this short explanation useful. I just want to trigger you to be curious about creating a signature solution for your business.  If you are interested and want to know how to do that with your services, I need to know more about what you do.  Please book a discovery call and let’s brainstorm. 

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