How to Stop Under-Valuing Your Time

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Hi I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone.  Consider this.  The person who undervalues your time is not that irritating client that keeps asking for extra support.  It’s not that incompetent staff that makes repeated mistakes.  It’s not that indecisive prospect that takes a long time to make a buying decision. 

The person who undervalues your time most is usually YOU.  It’s you who made that decision to do everything in your business including all the nitty gritty things you really hate doing.  It’s you who decided that you’d rather learn to do something from scratch instead of outsourcing it to an expert. It’s you who love that useless trial and error instead of investing money in someone who already knows how to do it well.  

And if you count the hours you spend doing the things other people can actually do for you, how many hours is that a week?  And now multiply that with your rate per hour… your ideal rate per hour… the rate you should be charging when you are at your best.  How much is that?  Now consider this.  How expensive is it to outsource those tasks or to hire someone to do it?  If you’re doing business in the UK, you’ve got the kickstart scheme that helps you get free employees for 6 months?  

So why do we undervalue our time so much?  Why do we insist to do everything ourselves or to learn things from scratch?  

I’ve worked with self employed people for a long time, and what I’ve noticed is that many of them feel that their time is abundant and that it’s free.  It’s true, when you spend your own time, you don’t have to write a cheque to anyone to pay for it. But is it really free?  You see, there are certain things in your business that only you can do.  Selling, for example.  Most self employed professionals cannot hire someone to sell better than them.  You are the service provider, and your prospects want to meet you. So selling is not something that you can handover easily.  Certain types of marketing needs to be done by you: recording videos, or doing some kind of networking in the community usually cannot be replaced.  Planning your strategies usually has to be done by you; you cannot handover strategic planning to other people. Delivering your services usually has to be done by you.  These things take time and if you really want to get good at it and keep improving it, you also need time and a clear head.  And perhaps handing over the non-essential tasks to someone else can help you get more results in your essential tasks.  

The other day, I was talking to someone who has been putting off writing articles for her blog because writing is not her thing.  She knows it needs to be done, but she can’t get the idea or the motivation to do it.  Because of what she does, this delay is harming her marketing.  Her reputation cannot be built if people don’t see content. So I asked her, “Are you a subject matter expert or are you a content writer?” She thought about it and said, I’m as subject matter expert.  Right, I said, so can someone sit down with you, interview you, and then go away and make 5 blogs based on that interview?  Would that be easier for you?  Her face lit up and she immediately said YES!  And then I asked her one final question, “How fast can your reputation grow if you had someone holding you accountable to make content?”  No, I didn’t mean get an accountability coach!  I meant, get an employee whose job it is just to make content. So if you don’t work with them on it, then they’ve got nothing to do… and they’ll be the one on your back asking for your subject matter expertise.  How quickly would those blogs come out?  How much more new ideas will you be challenged to produce?  How fast can your reputation be built?  

Sometimes what you need is someone who challenges you.  Being self employed is so comfortable.  Low cost, no boss, no team members.  You don’t have to attend meetings.  You don’t have to have business plans.  You don’t even have to do anything.  And maybe because there’s a lot of things you don’t have to do… maybe because of that freedom, you’re not getting your best results.  

So what about giving yourself some positive pressure.  Value your time.  Use it to do what you really are good at.  And for the rest, give it to someone else to do.  

If you want customised ideas on how to delegate certain tasks to other people, or just some insights on how to improve your results, book a free discovery call and I’ll be happy to talk to you. 

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