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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone.  We all want those ideal prospects.  The ones who area ready to buy… whose needs fit our solutions… who have already been impressed by our past track record.  They are, no doubt, easier to convert and more fun to work with.  But it’s very rare that these types of prospects just come by themselves.  We’d be lucky if they just drop in for no reason.  But there are specific things you can do to encourage these ideal prospects to reach out to you.  In this video, I want to share with you some of the things you can do increase your luck… to attract your ideal prospects. 

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I’m going to share with you some of the ways I define my ideal prospect and what I do to make sure I attract more of them. If you agree with some of these, feel free to use my examples to improve your own business. 

To me, an ideal prospect has taken time to view some of my content.  The challenges they have fit the solutions I provide.  They have shown commitment by investing time to learn more about me.  So when it’s time for us to talk, they’re already 50% convinced and ready to buy.  So that means, if I want more of these kinds of prospects, I need regular content.  I need to have a method of sharing them in different relevant platforms.  I need to offer a discovery call when I give content so that people have the option to get real solutions instead of just free tips and tricks. Now let’s think about you.  Is this something you want as well?  What are you doing to be more regular with your content?  How are you sharing them? What else can you do better? 

Here’s another way I define my ideal prospects.  They are those who come from referrals.  Love those types of people. They know all about me and they’ve heard all the good things I want them to hear about me.  If they are also referred by my best clients, I will most likely love working with them.  Birds of a feather flock together.  I love meeting friends of my good clients, because they usually come with the same type of mindset.  So how do I get more of those types of people?  Well, do I have a referral strategy that I use consistently?  Do I ask for regular testimonials from the clients I work with?  Do I ask them to refer their friends to me… or to share my content with their network?  

I’ll give you another type of prospect that I love: those who are ready to change.  Meeting stubborn prospects is often disheartening.  All they do is tell you about the rubbish in their lives, but they don’t want to change.  They just want you to be their next rubbish bin.  I want to meet prospects with an open mind, a great attitude, a big vision for their business and their lives. Someone who is ready to do what it takes to achieve their goals.  So where do I find them?  How do I increase my likelihood to meet people like them?  I select my networking groups. There are so many networking events out there, but when I find a good one, I stick to it and I get more involved.  Right now, I love being involved in the Business Women in Bath network.  The BWi network.  They have other counties as well, and I always love hanging out with the women there.  They are a breath of fresh air.  They are supportive, ambitious, and filled with good inspirations.  So if you are also looking for these types of prospects, make sure you are surrounding yourself with the right environment.  Even with the pandemic, online meetups exist and there’s no reason why you can’t find one that you can join.  

So we all want ideal prospects… we may have our own definitions of what they are. And I hope this video has helped you realise what you can do to have more of them.  Focus on what you can control and take action. Don’t be surprised if you get more lucky by doing so. 

Contact me for a free discovery call if you want more personalised feedback on how to attract more ideal prospects in your business. 

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