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In your sales meetings, do you drink your coffee hot?  Or has it gone cold by the time you took a sip. Hi, I'm Cynthia, Founder of The Brave Zone.  I’ve been in sales since 1996 and I want to share a fun mantra to help you become a more effective sales person: Good sales people drink their coffee hot. 

Let’s say you’re doing a zoom meeting with your prospect and you each prepare a cuppa for yourself before the call.  Do you get to drink your coffee hot, or is it already cold by the time you drank it?  If you get to drink it hot, well done!  That means you’re discovering and listening to the prospects first before waffling away about what you can do for them.  If you’re drinking it cold, well, you’ve been talking too much. And don’t be surprised if they reply with, “Uh-huh… ok… well, great. Let me think about that and I’ll let you know.” 

We don’t all have lots of selling experience, but we’ve all had experience being sold.  So think about what kind of sales conversations you enjoyed in the past; the ones where you felt comfortable, helped, and cared for.  Think of that process you went through and how it made you feel confident to buy.  What did the sales person do to you, with you, and for you?  What kind of conversation did you have?  Was it a one-way presentation about the products or was it a two-way conversation that used questions to discover your needs?  Who was the sales person for you?  Were they human brochures who just waffled about their features and benefits, or were they solution-providers who listened to you and suggested useful advice?

Your sales conversation should make the clients feel that you understand their needs.  You have listened and your solutions are relevant.  They should also feel that they co-created the solutions with you. People are less likely to say No to a solution, if they feel that they’ve co-created it.

Now look at how you sell.  No matter what you sell, there is a pattern in your selling conversations.  How do you start?  What do you spend the most time on? What is the ratio between talking and listening? What kinds of questions do you ask, or don’t ask? Remember my favourite mantra for sales people: “Good sales people drink their coffee hot!”

Marketing gets you leads, but leads don’t generate revenue!  Clients do.  So let’s focus now on your sales process, not just your marketing strategies. I hope this blog has helped and if you want to sharpen your sales process and need customised advice to do so, book a discovery call and I’d be happy to jump on a call with you.

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