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You’re a self employed professional and you want to stand out from your competition. You want to attract customers that resonate with you and appreciate your value.  Great.  So first, you need to get clear on what you stand for, how you do things differently, and what value you actually give to your clients. 

When you’re marketing yourself, it’s easy to be compared to other service providers if you are not clear on your uniqueness.  And that’s why finding your style, your essence is key to helping you stand out.  It’s also going to help you figure out which clients you want to work with and which ones you don’t.  

When you want to find your essence, go back to your past… all the way to your childhood… and gather some memories that are meaningful to you.  They may be positive or negative.  And after you gather them, figure out what they meant to you and why you think they were memorable.  It’s interesting that when I take my clients through this process, they start to see patterns and they realise why they now do what they do in the way that they do them.  They start to see past conditioning, and how it has shaped them to this day.  And finding these patterns are very useful to help you be more aware about the unique person that is you.  

For instance, I coached an executive coach to find her essence, because with a market of over 53,000 executive coaches in her area, she felt the need to be different.  By doing this process, we discovered that her nurturing and empowering style.  She is a good balance of an ambitious professional and a woman who makes time for her family. We discovered her personality and how best she can guide people to develop themselves.  In the end, she carved out a niche to help foreign talents in the UK to advance their leadership careers in multinational organisations.  She opted to work with professional women leaders from certain countries and help them assimilate to the UK culture, advance their careers, while still making time for life balance.  By knowing her own uniqueness and niche, she became more confident to market herself. She was no longer just an executive coach… but she knew what she stood for and the mission she wants to serve.

What memories stick with you from your past? 

What do they mean for you? 

How have they shaped you, your style, your mission to this day? 

After you discover your essence, the rest of marketing becomes much clearer.  The target market you should go after, the message you put out in your marketing vehicles, the service range you must set up to serve your market.  Use your essence when creating your strapline. Use it to think of relevant content ideas that make you look different, niche, and focused.  Resist the temptation of doing too many things, serving too many markets, being the solution for everything and everyone.  That just dilutes your essence.  

I hope this short video has helped and if you want to talk more about what you’re going through and get some insight. Just book a discovery call.

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