Everyone Has Their Genius. What’s Yours?

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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone. When you’re marketing yourself, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people, especially if you are feeling stuck. In my experience, marketing coaches and guiding other self employed professionals grow their business, everyone has a genius. The challenge is to open yourself up to find yours. In this video, I’ll share with you the 3 opportunities that will open up if you find that uniqueness within yourself and why that helps you build a strong unbeatable business.

I create lots of content about marketing yourself and it’s all in my blog. Go to www.thebravezone.com and if you want a more personalised advice, book a brave discovery call on the site.

Let me explain what I mean by finding your genius. You see, WHAT you do may be the same as other service providers in your industry, but your genius is in HOW you do it. I was working with an interpreter on finding her uniqueness and we discovered that her personalised approach, the effort she puts in getting to know your industry before she interprets for you, and the after-service was amazing. This puts her way above the rest. But she didn’t market it enough. She simply compared herself to other interpreters. Fortunately, she realised that she needs to amplify this differentiation in her marketing. And she did. Each time I call her now, she’s busy with some kind of project. So business is good for her.

So here are the 3 opportunities that will open up when you have found your genius.

First of all, you will be more confident in yourself, your voice, and your strengths and people will notice. You will start speaking differently when you introduce yourself to others. You will start standing out. You will stop comparing yourself to other people. And that’s important, because comparing yourself just makes you feel inadequate and often times delays your progress.

Secondly, people will start looking to you as an expert in your field, not just another service provider in that industry. People know exactly what they need to come to you for. Don’t be surprised if you will be asked to speak on a certain topic that you position yourself in. People like experts who have defined themselves. People like people who are clear on what they stand for.

And the third part of this is that you’ll start to attract clients who resonate with you. This will be great for you because you’ll enjoy working with them more, and they will appreciate your value. They will be easier to convince, easier to work with, and easier to get results with.

So what is your genius? What makes you different? Have you found it or are you still being compared to other people? If you found this helpful and you want to discuss more about how to find that genius of yours, book a call with me on my website www.thebravezone.com. I’d love to give you some fresh perspectives.

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