Detaching the “SELF” will end Self Doubt

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You want to market your services. You want to have the courage to sell and convert clients. But you are trapped in self-doubt. In this video I will show you how detaching the "self" will help free yourself from self-doubt.

Hi, I'm Cynthia, founder of the brave zone. For over 12 years I have been in the business of marketing myself and my team of self-employed business coaches. And I understand that self-doubt creeps in very frequently in this industry, preventing people like you from actualising your potential. You get stage fright each time you are asked to speak, or you are afraid to convert the sale when a prospect of sitting in front of you, or you are afraid to put yourself out there and make great content even though you have the skills to do so. However self-doubt manifests itself to you, I want you to understand the root cause of self doubt and how to get rid of it.

I make a lot of content for self-employed professionals and I put them all in my website, so feel free to browse the blogs for more insight.

In my observation if you frequently experience self-doubt, you may be focusing too much on yourself and what other people think about you. Please realise that when you are too focused on yourself, it becomes harder to find self confidence. Why? Because none of us are perfect. And often times it’s easier to find fault than strength.

And by the way, by being too focused on the self, you start taking your focus off your audience, your market, your clients… the people you supposedly are passionate to serve? And that’s why their market stops feeling engaged with you. Not because you’re not good enough, but because you’re too engrossed in yourself that you forgot to serve them. They lose your good intention. They become disinterested in you and your selfishness.

So what’s the solution? Stop making it all about you! If you’re really out there to serve and help others, then make it about them. What do they need? What can you do? Each time I get invited to speak, I take time to get to know the audience, and right before I go on stage, I whisper to myself, “For them… for them… for them.” Of course, I prepare for my workshops and speeches. But to me, the best preparation you can do is not about your materials… it’s about your heart. Are you doing this to serve yourself, or to serve others?

When you do this, you will feel more relaxed. You are there to help them. Of course they will like you. And don’t worry about that crazy hair of yours. They’ll love you anyway, because you’re there for them! And when you forget a point or a line, don’t worry about it. You’re just having a conversation. Your mind will remember things quicker if it’s not overwhelmed with lots of worries.

And when you think about all those weaknesses you have… you know, those ones that makes you imperfect? Welcome to the club! We are all imperfect. And your imperfect life has made you perfect to serve your mission. Who wants to listen to a perfect person? Clients want someone who can empathise with their imperfections. So again, embrace that imperfect self of yours.

If you find this helpful, please keep following my facebook page at the Brave Zone. I post regular updates. And if you want more personalised advice, book a call here.

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