Feedback like these remind me everyday why I do what I do...


"HELPing ME WIth MY STicKing POInt"



" I now know what makes me unique"

"She balanced my passionate enthusiasm with logic"

"She helped me find clarity and self confidence!"

"I'm more focused and confident, I feel awesome!"

"Cynthia helped me to leverage my assets in a condensed market!"

"She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs"

"She changed me from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset!"

Emma Hogan Employee Engagement Specialist

Working with Cynthia has been just the injection of energy I needed! We met at a networking event at a time when I was looking for help in understanding my own drivers and how to harness that knowledge to make my business successful. Her 9-step programme fitted this need exactly and through her expert guidance I now have much greater clarity on why I do what I do, who I want to work with and how to talk about my business in a meaningful way.

Cynthia’s knowledge and experience meant that she not only listened and supported me in my discovery, but she could provide real insight and ideas to get me going. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand their ‘why’ and using that knowledge to develop a marketing plan that showcases you in an authentic way.

Simon Hubbard Mathematician

Cynthia's Brave Marketing programme starts with and builds on "you". It's a great way to bring clarity around your marketing approach and business direction as you understand why that approach is right for you and your business.

Cynthia is very sharp at understanding you as well, and helps overcome your blind spots and limitations. If you are a self-employed professional, I recommend getting in touch.

Franco de la Croix-Vaubois Hopin Virtual Event Specialist

Cynthia is a brilliant, inspirational coach and the loveliest person. I have had the pleasure to work with Cynthia on several projects. She has spoken at several of my events (brilliant, natural and highly engaging) and the audience is wowed every single time. Her knowledge of knowing one-self, of stepping forward, of getting into the 'discomfort' zone and now especially, resilience, have all been areas she has shared her expertise in and helped many delegates feel positive, engaged and delighted with her guidance and encouragement. I absolutely recommend Cynthia for public speaking, for coaching and as a mentor. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Naomi (Dervin) Summers Virtual Services Firm

Cynthia is a breath of fresh air! Finally a business coach that I have found that tells you it how it is. Cynthia is very affordable and gives you the confidence to move forward in the right way. She is quick to help you find what is holding you back and why, but all in a very positive way. Cynthia makes you feel brave, like you can handle anything that comes your way! Her wealth of experience shines through and it really does help to know that she has actually been there and done it all before. I would highly recommend her.

Wafaa Powell Cooking Instructor

I met Cynthia at a networking meeting and was immediately attracted by the clarity of her approach to working with businesses. After that I booked a meeting with her during which she analysed aspects of my business I was struggling with and came up with very clear suggestions for me look into and implement. I found my time with Cynthia to be very valuable. I can recommend her with confidence. Thank you Cynthia for your support.

Helen Baker Website & Brand Designer

Cynthia played a significant role in helping me clarify my strengths and style and how to position myself with greater confidence. Very quickly, she had grasped the essence of me and my business by asking 'big' questions in a supportive way. Within a short space of time, I felt understood and empowered to move forward with purpose in my business. I highly recommend Cynthia for her insights, expertise and approach.

Canan Piskin MBA Career Advancement Coach

Cynthia helped me gain clarity of my purpose as a Coach and how I can sharpen my business profile to deliver my core message. The finer distinctions have taken into consideration the interests of my ideal client. Therefore, I now feel more confident in my uniqueness in my niche. I highly recommend her approach for sole entrepreneurs. She is a sounding board to give you a better direction in your business.

Michelle Eddahar Founder of Business Women in (BWi)

Cynthia captures the attention of any audience. She had the challenge of doing a casual speech to a busy room of over 70 people in our networking event. Usually, for any other speaker, the room would continue buzzing with unstoppable private conversations. But when Cynthia started speaking, the room stopped and listened. She engaged the audience with an approachable style, humour, anecdotes… and she had everyone’s attention. Now as a leader of our groups in Bath, Cynthia still gives insight to our members that makes them think differently. This is what makes her unique. When she speaks, people listen!

Luciana Scrofani Green, MCIL CL Business & legal Interpreter

Before working with Cynthia, I was struggling to find a way to convey my message clearly in order to target my niche audience in a memorable and unique way. Cynthia helped me to identify my core message by making me work hard and dig deep, with the use of thought-provoking and soul-searching questions, which resulted in a roller-coaster of emotions and so much laughter! The sessions were very much a two-way process and Cynthia gave me the tools I needed to help me break down my limiting beliefs and gain clarity around my brand storytelling strategy. With Cynthia’s support, I came up with a fantastic #Ikigai diagram (a Japanese concept that means “a reason of being” and a ‘one-liner’ that conveys my business message in a clear and concise way, to communicate to my audience how I can help them succeed and thrive.

Becky Horsfall Operations Speciallist

I attended Cynthia's webinar in Sales Conversions for the Service Industry. The content was incredible, absolutely resonated with me and really pinpointed two fundamental areas that I have overlooked in order to grow my business. She is knowledgable, honest and concise in her approach. She gave such clarity in her presentation content. I feel equipped to take the next steps and look forward to exploring more of what Cynthia has to offer! Thank you Cynthia.

Tammy Whalen Blake Personal Development Coach

Taking bold steps into the unknown and to show up for me and my business, was a challenge. How do you know your excuses from your truth? Well, this is what Cynthia brought to the party. A respectful yet challenging coach - 100% appreciate the direct honesty to take massive leaps forward. I have a lot to thank Cynthia for.

Alexis Prior Nutritional Therapist

Before I met Cynthia I didn't have a coherent marketing plan. I had just established my true niche, but felt that I wasn't reaching them in an effective way, because I hadn't really thought through their true story and what my message was. I really enjoyed the process. Cynthia is totally supportive and easy to work with. I felt that she really identified my sticking points ie inconsistencies where my message didn't match my client's needs. The 3-part process addressed all of the areas that needed attention in my business ie my story, my clients story and a marketing plan that suits me and my business. I now have a clear marketing plan. I feel really confident that it's going to work and that I will enjoy putting it into practice. I have a much better appreciation of my client journey and how to reach them. If you have been struggling with your message, your direction and your marketing plan, then I would totally recommend just booking a free discovery call. There's nothing to lose. It's the step I wished I'd taken a long time ago.

Andrio A Head of Learning & Development

We are grateful to have Cynthia as our speaker to inspire our team to be more resilient in the face of Covid-19. I was pleasantly surprised that she made time to talk with us first before designing the webinar, so that she can present something that was relevant to our needs and company culture. Her confidence and her practical experience in sales and business helped our employees feel motivated in a very short time. We are very happy to recommend her to those in need of fresh ideas to boost team spirit.

Supiati Anggono People Development Specialist

With over 20 years of her experiences as a business coach Cynthia well known as a coach's coach. Cynthia has helping me to gain clarity about my real WHY I am doing what I do. As a mom of three unique children my Brave Discovery session with Cynthia has been an eye opener for me that my purpose in my career in coaching and people development firstly will impact my family especially for my dearly son and daughters in their teens year. Mom's guilt will go away when I started doing my passion with the right focus. I would recommend anyone who need a different angles of perspectives which richly provided by Cynthia.

Tia Handimuljana Travel Specialist

Gosh! She’s good! Getting coached by Cynthia is worth the investment. She dug deep into my interests, talked me out of my fear, and gave a different point of view. Her feedback was direct yet constructive. The sessions addressed both personal & professional issues, which helped me to find relief from recurring negative thoughts, decide my business focus on, and clarified my business core message. This is the first time I have ever invested in a coach and I felt it was money well spent.

Joice Yanto Entrepreneur & Investor

Cynthia's live session pop-up on my LinkedIn advert. So I checked out her background through her LinkedIn page. I discovered, the unique values that Cynthia carries as compared to other mentors I know; her degree was in Psychology, she is also Master NLP Practitioner plus a business owner herself. These 3 dimensions in term of skills and exposure, made her stand out in my view. I interpret it as her knowledge should be beyond classroom theories, she should have gained some exposure from real business line.

During our one-on-one sessions (each session about 1.5 – 2 hours), I experienced her sharp eyes that quick to identify problem objectively. Her suggested solution is usually tailored to my unique personality. Therefore the approach to solution becomes so natural to me. I can adopt it effectively, simply because it is my least resistance path. The proposed solutions to my obstacles are the result of her psychology background and business experiences. I would rate it as PROVEN method from a business mentor who has been there before and overcome it. Not just a cliche solution, copied from textbooks :)

In term of conflict resolution that I have with my business partner, she spotted our blind spots and identified the root cause of the conflict. The amazing part, she looks at these problems not merely as obstacles but indeed as the strength of our company, IF only we can identify it first and work around it by utilizing and combining each of our unique strength. Here is the MAGIC: the transformation of our obstacles to be our EMPOWERMENT! Once I and my business partner are made aware of the root cause of our communication issue, the rest of our challenges can be solved almost 80% if not 100%.

I would recommend Cynthia as your business mentor, once you are ready to bring your business to next level. She will definitely walk with you to face and overcome the obstacles; before your business can fly higher. Thank you so much
, Cynthia!

Catherine Drummond-Smith Health Coach

Before the Brave Zone Programme I was unsure of where to go next with my health coaching practice. I knew I wanted to develop my business, but didn’t feel confident in taking the next steps.

I really liked the 9 step process and how it’s divided into 3 clear areas - myself, my clients and marketing. Cynthia pushed me out of my comfort zones in a very caring, yet firm way. She made me really question my motivation and drive.

I feel so clear in where I’m going with my business now and have come away from the programme with realistic, yet challenging, goals. I’m so excited to take the next steps.

I would really encourage anyone who is feeling stuck or isn’t sure why they’re not where they want to be with their business to work with Cynthia. Her skill in bringing out the really pertinent issues is something I’ve never come across before - and she does it with incredible professionalism and a good dose of humour.

Hannah Cox PR Specialist

In my professional life I help my clients to communicate who they are and help tell other people about their work. When it comes to doing that for myself, it is challenging to have enough objectivity to do it. I first contacted Cynthia for a discovery call and found out more about her process and how it could help me. Cynthia's extensive experience, passion for what she does, and her immediate insights into how we could work together was a winning combination for me.

I've made some vital connections that are helping me move forward with my business in a way that is positive, and true to me. This is where the exceptional value of Cynthia's approach shines through. You could watch a thousand marketing tutorials or business ID workshops and be bamboozled - but just a couple of sessions with Cynthia have cut through and made real differences to me already.

And I'm not yet through the whole programme. I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia and her approach on the Brave Zone.