BRAVE Partnership 

Let’s align your vision, expectations, and working styles so that, together, you can achieve more.


What we will achieve


Together we will create better mutual trust & understanding 


You will understand each other’s communication and working style and how you can complement each other


You will appreciate each other’s strengths and the value each of you bring to your business


We will align your vision and goals to make sure we are headed the same direction


We will agree on the best way to work together using our natural strengths & talents 


We will create a business improvement plan that addresses the needs in your business and brainstorm ways you can work together to achieve it

How I will help you


I will guide you to identify the root cause of your partnership challenges


Using various tools, I will help you understand each other’s personalities and how best to leverage on each other’s strengths


By challenging you with deeper questions, I will help you see the blind spots you may have about yourself, your partnership, and your business 


I will help you resolve any past or existing conflicts by guiding you to understand your partner’s intention behind their behaviour


Using my practical business experience, I will guide you to formulate a business improvement plan and how best you can use your strengths to accelerate your results

8 Things I Promise You:

  1. 1
    I promise I will listen without judgment & let you be yourself
  2. 2
    I promise to show you your strengths & your blind spots honestly & openly
  3. 3
    I promise I will work with you until we get the promised outcome, even if we take more time
  4. 4
    I promise to be on time for sessions & to be prepared
  5. 5
    I promise to be supportive of your needs and help you discover the best version of yourself
  6. 6
    I promise that I will be brave enough to ask the awkward questions to keep you progressing
  7. 7
    I promise you that I will practice what I preach and share my own experience to help you
  8. 8
    I promise to refer you to knowledge & network that I have if it helps you achieve your goal

100% Money Back Guarantee 

If you don’t find any value in this programme, I will give you back 100% of your investment and you can keep the tools.

Important Disclaimer

I can guide you to do it, but I can’t do it for you. 

We will have great sessions to help you enhance your self awareness and increase alignment, but you are responsible for being coachable and for making the effort to make your partnership work. 

I’ve been in business and helping businesses for over 20 years and, although I can get you clarity fast, you will need to give yourself time to put it into practice.  

The process you will undergo is something you can never UN-LEARN.  

And it is something that everyone in a partnership want: to work in harmony and to achieve synergy.

The insight you gain here CANNOT be taken away from you.  You will have this wisdom forever. 

Start Date & Schedule

The start time and frequency that we speak will be customised to suit your needs and availability. 

What you'll need

  1. 1
    A dream worth fighting for
  2. 2
    A coach-able attitude
  3. 3
    A hunger for learning
  4. 4
    Commitment to do the work
  5. 5
    Internet access, phone & a computer

The Investment

The investment for the BRAVE Partnership programme for a partnership of 2 people is £900 plus VAT until we are done.  Typically we will need three sessions, but I am promising you an outcome. So if you need more time for any reason, additional sessions will not be charged. If you commit, I’ll commit. 

If you have more people in your partnership, let’s talk and customise a programme that suits you.

The Results

The unequivocal, indisputable best part of what I do is receiving feedback like this from the my amazing clients we help go from frustrated, overwhelmed and fed-up to confident and happy business owners each and every day...

Cynthia's live session pop-up on my LinkedIn advert. So I checked out her background through her LinkedIn page. I discovered, the unique values that Cynthia carries as compared to other mentors I know; her degree was in Psychology, she is also Master NLP Practitioner plus a business owner herself. These 3 dimensions in term of skills and exposure, made her stand out in my view. I interpret it as her knowledge should be beyond classroom theories, she should have gained some exposure from real business line.

During our one-on-one sessions (each session about 1.5 – 2 hours), I experienced her sharp eyes that quick to identify problem objectively. Her suggested solution is usually tailored to my unique personality. Therefore the approach to solution becomes so natural to me. I can adopt it effectively, simply because it is my least resistance path. The proposed solutions to my obstacles are the result of her psychology background and business experiences. I would rate it as PROVEN method from a business mentor who has been there before and overcome it. Not just a cliche solution, copied from textbooks :)

In term of conflict resolution that I have with my business partner, she spotted our blind spots and identified the root cause of the conflict. The amazing part, she looks at these problems not merely as obstacles but indeed as the strength of our company, IF only we can identify it first and work around it by utilizing and combining each of our unique strength. Here is the MAGIC: the transformation of our obstacles to be our EMPOWERMENT! Once I and my business partner are made aware of the root cause of our communication issue, the rest of our challenges can be solved almost 80% if not 100%.

I would recommend Cynthia as your business mentor, once you are ready to bring your business to next level. She will definitely walk with you to face and overcome the obstacles; before your business can fly higher. Thank you so much, Cynthia!