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It's the first day of the 2nd lockdown in England, and I'm having a BRAVE Conversation with Paul Green, an ex-pilot of Flybe.  I met him at an Enterprise Nation networking session a couple of weeks ago and I knew I wanted him to share his story.  I find his brave move to pivot his career and use his transferrable skills is absolutely creative & inspiring.  

Here's what it's all about: 

What do you do when your industry collapses and there are no other jobs available ? Paul Green worked for 8 years in the Aviation industry and when Covid19 struck, he lost his job as a pilot for Flybe. After trying to get other jobs, Paul realised that his training as a pilot has equipped him with transferrable skills that can be used in the business world today, including risk management, decision making, and personal wellbeing. He now trains business people & NHS workers and is finding even more fulfilment in his life. Pivoting in the pandemic? Why not? 

I want to ask for a special favour to please share this in your social media.  There are lots of people going through what Paul went through.  His story may inspire them with the ideas, hope, and positive action they need to get through these strange times. Thank you. 

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