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Stop chasing success, money, clients, revenue. Instead be a success magnet that attracts them to you. Many people are not comfortable with selling in marketing. So I suggest don't push your services to the community. Instead, pull the community to you.

Hi, I'm Cynthia Founder of the Brave Zone. What makes someone attractive, inspirational, a success magnet? Do you find that some people just tend to get opportunities thrown on their way? Do you find that for some, success seems easier than for others? In my observation, there are five things that make people a magnet to opportunities. These are the things that make you attractive, inspirational, and someone other people want to follow and support.


The size of your vision is what makes you attractive. The size of your vision determines the circle of support you will rally around you. If you build your business only for yourself, then you will be the only person working hard at making it a success. If you build your business for your family and friends, then they will be behind you to help you succeed. If your vision for your business encompasses community, then it is easier for You to get support from the community, because they know that they will be benefited from what you do. If your business vision is for the good of your industry, then don't be surprised if you can attract many industry leaders and organisations to support for your cause.  People may think it is easier to build a small business with a small vision with small goals. To me, it is easier to have a bigger vision because it is easier to get other people to rally behind you to support your mission. When you have a big vision for your business, people see the value for them and they come and help you. When your vision is all about yourself, you are working alone.

Knowledge or Wisdom.

You become a success magnet when you have knowledge or wisdom that adds value to others. This can be as simple as "how to" knowledge that can help others improve how they do things, all the way to philosophical wisdom that helps people become more aware or solve more complex issues. We are inspired by people who are constantly learning and adding to their library of wisdom. We are intrigued by them and we learn from them. Most of us are driven by personal growth, and that's why these types of people appeal to us.  If you want to attract others to follow you, be that go-to person for your field of expertise... be that knowledge centre for your industry.


You have great vision... you have lots of wisdom, but if you're not willing to share these with others, there's no reason why people should follow you.  People who attract opportunities are those who are abundant.  They give first, they offer help first.  They add value before they sell.  They give referrals before they ask for referrals.  They give testimonials to help others look good, before they ask others to make them look good.  These days, people want to get testimonials from their clients and colleagues.  Well, how many testimonials have you given to other people?  You want to build a business to be wealthy. Well, I define wealth as the ability to give.  Don't wait to be financially wealthy before you give. There are lots of things you already have that you can give away.  And by doing so, you feel rich... and people will feel your wealth as well.  When you are not afraid to give, you are telling people that you have so much more.  If you are afraid to give content, then you need to increase your knowledge so that you have so much more than just that one or two pieces of content.  The more knowledge you have, the more abundant you can be. 


I have been part of the founding and coaching team of an Entrepreneurship School for Underprivileged Teens in Indonesia for the last 10 years. They had a big vision, and they started achieving some of their goals.  They asked me in a big forum several years ago if I'd continue supporting them.  I answered, "only if you show progress."  The 2 things I look for in inspiring organisations is VISION and PROGRESS.  It's nice to have a dream, but you need to commit to achieving the small wins that get you there.  By showing progress, you're telling people that you're not just talking about your vision.  You're doing what it takes to make it real. And that's what inspires people to follow you.  When people see the gradual impact of your vision, they feel excited for you and with you.  Be that exciting person that has new progress to report every quarter.  Not only will you excite others, you'll also motivate yourself to keep going. 


I wouldn't have put this as one of the pillars to success a few years ago, when I was a workaholic, but I realise its importance now.  Being totally driven and focused on only one aspect of your life can be mentally exhausting.  We have other aspects (at least eight) of life.  Business, wealth, health, family, intimate relationships, contribution, fun, and self development.  People may admire your business achievements, but you're not just about business.  You're a great business owner, but your family life is in shambles.  You're a wonderful corporate leader, but you're not physically healthy.  That's not what people aspire to be.  Having the right balance will help you attract people who also value quality lifestyle.  Drive your vision, but don't let your vision drive you.

I hope this has helped. If you want to talk more, just book a discovery call

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