“You never work for someone else. You always work for yourself and your own dreams.”

Entrepreneurship is not a legal status; it’s a way of seeing the world and your role in it! Whether you’re an employee working in someone else’s company or a business owner, you are always working for yourself and your own dreams.  A solid entrepreneurship mindset will get you through tough times. 


Cynthia Wihardja

Graduating from UCLA was a privilege, but even though I had good grades, I didn't learn about life and business from school. Instead, I learned those things by doing it, getting my hands dirty, and fixing it.  

Being a creative problem solver is probably the most useful characteristic I possess.  I built my career in a Fortune 500 company leading sales and business turnarounds in East Asia between 1996-2006.  We grew the business and achieved award-winning results despite of disruptions, such as political instability, economic crisis, the SARS epidemic, terrorist attacks, and the occasional natural disaster.  I learned that the only certainty is “uncertainty.” 

I later moved on to build two businesses of my own, which have also achieved global recognition. Now that my 2 businesses are run by my team in Indonesia, I am lucky to have the flexibility to start a new life and venture in the UK. 

Twenty-two years of business achievement made me realise I love the mental game of business.  I get a thrill out of helping people think differently about themselves, their business, and their potential.  I developed the intuition to combine psychology and business skills to give people both the mental strength and business strategy they need to reach their dreams.  

I love digging into problems and seeing them from different angles. That's what people say makes me original.  I will enhance your self-awareness and push you beyond the limits that hold you back. People say I dare to ask the awkward questions that make them think differently about themselves, their business, and their opportunities.  A conversation with me usually gives people more than they expected.

Most importantly, I believe in using my skills to solve the community’s needs.  I like supporting missions that make a difference, such as youth and women empowerment, and financial independence through entrepreneurship. I do this by contributing my speaking, training, and coaching abilities to help non-profit organisations succeed.

I took up diving to get rid of my fear of the deep blue sea.  And realising that I was afraid of sharks, I went on a cage-less shark feeding tour in the Bahamas.  Now diving is my absolute favourite thing to do… sharks and all.

Overcoming my fears was one of the best gifts I ever gave to myself.  It allowed me to enjoy a life of adventure.  My existing passion projects include golf, skiing, cooking, and sailing.  Ask me about my progress when you talk to me. 

Life is what you make of it.

Live fully and contribute at your very best.