Cynthia Wihardja

Re-Igniting Your Genuine Strengths and Removing the Limits that Block You from Contributing at Your Very BEST


 Twenty-two years of business achievement made me realise I love the mental game of business.  I get a thrill out of helping people think differently about themselves, their business, and their potential.  

Graduating from UCLA was a privilege, but even though I got good grades, I didn't learn about life and business from school.  Instead, I learned those things by doing it, getting my hands dirty, and fixing it.  While working in a Fortune 500 company, I excelled in Sales & Business Turnarounds winning global awards for our results. That was hard work, but it was fun.  The lessons I've learned helped me build two businesses of my own, which have also achieved global recognition.  Now that my 2 businesses are run by my team in Indonesia, I am lucky to have the flexibility to start a new life in the UK. 

Over time, I developed the intuition to combine psychology and business skills to give people the mental strength and business strategy they need to reach their dreams.  I love digging into problems and seeing them from different angles. That's what people say makes me original.  I will enhance your self-awareness and push you beyond the limits that hold you back. People say I dare to ask the awkward questions that make them think differently about themselves, their business, and their opportunities.  I work quickly with my clients and get things done fast.  I don't hold back on content or advice.  A conversation with me usually gives people more than they expected. 

Most importantly, I believe in using my business to solve my community's needs.  I love contributing my knowledge and giving back. And most of all, I enjoy having fun and spending time with the people I love most. 

Brendan Burchard said, "Live. Love. Matter."  

I agree.  Life is short.  Live and contribute at your very best.

Cynthia helped me gain clarity of my purpose as a Coach and how I can sharpen my business profile to deliver my core message. The finer distinctions have taken into consideration the interests of my ideal client. Therefore, I now feel more confident in my uniqueness in my niche. I highly recommend her approach for sole entrepreneurs. She is a sounding board to give you a better direction in your business.

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