Cynthia Wihardja

Twenty-two years as a corporate leader & entrepreneur taught me that I love the game of business.  I get a thrill out of personal achievement & developing people to succeed. 

Enabling People to Help Others

 I built up my career from sales, to marketing, and then led business turnaround projects to improve the profitability of businesses in trouble and groom a team to continue the growth without me.

During my years in corporate, we had unforeseen obstacles such as political & economic instability, and pan-Asian epidemics.  Maintaining growth rates became even more challenging. I learned resilience & creativity in marketing & client retention. It made me proud that through it all, our team earned two Global Awards for best Corporate Sales and Outstanding Profit Achievement. 

When I left the Fortune 500 corporate environment in 2007, I built a business coaching firm under a franchise, because I wanted to help more people than I can personally handle.  Furthermore, I met coaches who love to help businesses, but did not have the marketing, sales, and public speaking ability to make themselves heard.  

Over the next 12 years, ActionCOACH Jakarta grew to become a globally-awarded firm recognised for coaching excellence, client results, and a great business culture.  Today we are the largest business coaching firm in Indonesia.  A few years later, we added a Master Licensing business to help coaches become Team Engagement Coaches under the brand of Engage & Grow. Our teamwork has created a leveraged business that does not depend on me as its owner.  This has allowed me to contribute my time training coaches & business people in 14 countries, and to contribute to charitable causes.

I am passionate about financial independence & personal empowerment.  The non-profit I support is an Entrepreneurship School for Underprivileged Teens.  In the last 10 years, we have graduated many young people, which go on to work as employees or continue their education on university scholarship programmes.  Their business units earn enough profits to subsidise 50% of their organisation's fixed costs.  Together we have succeeded to create a mental revolution among many non-profits in Indonesia, that is: Don't depend on donations for your livelihood. Start a social business to fund your own organisation. 

Now I'm starting a new chapter in the UK.  And again, I see many self-employed professionals who are great at what they do, but lack the generalised business skills to make their business work.  Furthermore, corporate restructuring and the talent war have driven many mid to senior corporate executives to start their own businesses using their special skills.  Veterans from the Armed Forces are doing the same.  

The self-employed service industry is booming and I have personally experienced the fulfilment of making a business doing what I love, and I want to help people feel that too.  

I love coaching business people and coaches to get clarity about themselves, their mindset and their strategies.  I love being a brand ambassador for a worthy cause.  I love building a business that makes a difference.  And most of all, I enjoy having fun and spending time with the people I love most. 

Brendan Burchard said, "Live. Love. Matter."  

I agree.  Life is short.  Live and contribute at your very best.

"Life is a mountain of solvable problems, and I enjoy that."

James Dyson

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