3 Things That Prevent You From Selling Well

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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of the Brave Zone.  Many of us self employed professionals don’t want to even think of being a sales person.  We often feel uncomfortable even saying the word, “sales.”  We mask it as “marketing” just to avoid saying the word.  But in reality, if you want to get clients, you need to somehow sell your services. And selling is different than marketing.  It’s not about getting leads and followers only; it’s about converting them into paying clients.  And that takes a professional process that in my opinion should be built with integrity and purpose. 

In this video, however, I want to discuss the 3 reasons people don’t do well in sales.  The 3 things that prevent you from being effective in selling your services. 

First of all, if you’re not proud of selling, then it’s really hard to get good at it.  Because many of you have experienced really bad sales people, you are afraid to sell or are turned off by the concept of selling. So when you have to do the selling, you are blocking your own success by having limiting beliefs about what it means to be a sales person.  In order to help you get over your fear and limiting beliefs about sales, consider this new definition of selling. Selling is helping people find a solution to their problems, even if it means they do not buy from you.  To me, selling is about helping… problem solving… suggesting alternatives that get people over their challenges.  And sometimes that solution comes from me, and at other times, it comes from other people.  So a good sales person is just a good problem solver.  I hope that puts you more at ease with the concept of selling. And that’s why a good sales person surrounds ourselves with a network of other problem solvers in case we cannot provide the solutions our clients really need. 

Secondly, people block their own success in selling by not being clear on their life goals.  Selling takes persistence. You must be able to handle rejection.  It could be quite demotivating some days.  So why do you do it?  Why must you succeed? Why must this business of yours thrive?  If your outcome is not clear and powerful, then don’t be surprised if you lack the resilience you need to keep trying.  So get clear on those outcomes… not just the business goals, but more importantly, the life goals. 

And finally, if you don’t believe in what you’re selling, then you can’t be that effective.  Now, for self employed professionals selling themselves, your product is you.  So how’s your self confidence?  Do you believe in your ability to solve your clients’ challenges?  Do you believe in that your solutions work?  That’s why when I work with self employed professionals on their marketing plan, I start with self mastery and self confidence.  No matter how good your plan is, if you don’t have confidence in yourself and your services, selling will be quite difficult. 

You know what, let me give you another one just to over-deliver on my promise.  The fourth thing that makes you ineffective in sales is your environment.  If you don’t hang out with positive people who are action-orientated, hungry, driven, ambitious… If your environment is not supporting you, then you will find it hard to have successful habits. You are a reflection of the top 3 people you hang out with.  Surrounding yourself with a healthy environment will equip you with the right mindset. 

I hope you found this helpful. If you want customised insight on how to power up your sales machine in your business, book a discovery call with me.

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