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Hi, I’m Cynthia, Founder of The Brave Zone.  If you’re a self employed professional marketing your own services, just know that there are at least 3 things that make you different.  I love finding your genius and helping you leverage your strengths so you can stand out.  Sure everyone needs to improve, but to me, it’s not about finding what’s wrong with you. It’s about helping you find what’s already right, and how to strengthen it even more. If you want me to dig into your genius, book a discovery call and let’s get the process started.  

So what are the 3 things that make you different? 

The first one is your background, your past.  The way you were brought up, the life events that happened to you… all these things shape you to become the unique you that you are now.  I’ll just give you examples of people who came to me to find their uniqueness.  This lady was brought up not to waste anything.  Her grandma used to teach her to mend her clothes instead of buying new ones.  She is now an artist and an interior designer.  Her uniqueness is to combine beauty and sustainability by using recycled material in her art.  She helps companies solve the challenges of problemmatic plastics and she produces beautiful art that makes people feel good. Her past conditioning has shaped her to be a creative person who can reuse waste and make them beautiful and useful. So when we work together, I will help you dig into your past and discover how your conditioning has made you great at what you do now. 

The second way you can be different is your values, what you stand for. I was working with an interpreter who stood out because of the way she treated her clients.  “Going the extra mile” was her middle name.  I mean, she would go above and beyond to understand their industry, align herself with their needs, and keep constant communication so that they are always updated on how the progress is going.  When it comes to providing customer service, there was a lot of things she can promise them… she can even guarantee that she will do it… how can she be that certain that she won’t let them down?  Because customer-centric service is her top value.  And in her industry, that level of service is very rare.  Communicating that value in her marketing helps her stand out. 

The third is your story. Your story helps you resonate with your niche audience in a way that no other service providers can.  It helps you find the people that appreciate your value.  For example, an executive coach I worked with experienced 5 years as an expat in the middle east.  Her story was all about climbing the corporate ladder as a woman in a male dominated industry, and as a foreigner.  On top of that, she also managed a good balance of life as a wife and a mother of 2.  Her story helped to focus her services on helping foreign talents assimilate to doing business in the UK and to help women leaders design a balanced life between career and family.  She went from being an executive coach with a generic tagline, to someone who really knows what she’s all about and who she wants to serve.  From there, she has secured speaking engagements in front of women leaders and has started to build her reputation based on her own expertise and story.  Your story makes you different.  Your story enables you to empathise and build an emotional relationship with a niched group.  Your story helps you to be more relevant to your audience. 

So when are you going to start finding your genius? Stop being a generic service provider and discover that authentic voice in you that makes you different.  If you want more personalised insight on how to find your genius, book a discovery call with me.  Let’s find that together. 

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