What Don't You See?


You're an experienced professional on a mission to achieve your ambitions, but somehow you're stuck. Something is limiting you, but you can't put your finger on it.  Over time, you start to doubt yourself and your dreams.  You start to lose direction and confidence.  You have tried resolving this on your own, but now realise that you want help.  You want to re-ignite your spark, fulfil your potential, and make your impact on the world. 

Cynthia played a significant role in helping me clarify my strengths and style and how to position myself with greater confidence. Very quickly, she had grasped the essence of me and my business by asking 'big' questions in a supportive way. Within a short space of time, I felt understood and empowered to move forward with purpose in my business. I highly recommend Cynthia for her insights, expertise and approach.

Branding Consultant & Strategist

Professional Fire Starter


Hi, I'm Cynthia.


Even experienced business people like you can get stuck on your way to achieving your mission. Let's re-ignite that internal flame and remove the limits that block you. I have a process that dives deep to find the root of your challenges and get you unstuck quickly, so that you can contribute your best with ease & confidence. 


My journey has also been challenging at times, and I learned the hard way that to be fulfilled, I have to trust and follow my authentic self. 

I combine psychology and 22 years of proven business experience to give professionals like you the mental strength and business strategy you need to reach your dreams.  My ability to dig into your issues and view them objectively from multiple angles make me different. I will enhance your self-awareness and push you beyond the limits that hold you back. People say I make them think differently about themselves, their business, and their opportunities.   

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“The will to win, the desire to succeed. The urge to reach your full potential – 

these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”